Muay thai and Jiu-Jitsu coach
Alex has been teaching martial arts since 2012. “When I was a child, I could not focus or remember lessons in school. I would stare into space and be very forgetful. Things got better during elementary school. It was then that my parents engaged me in physical and artistic activities. I have always been passionate about helping youth and knew early on that leading children to success was something very natural and fulfilling. When children have fun and are engaged, results do come. It’s a thrill to see a child’s smile, a parent’s sigh of relief or even tears of happiness—it reminds me of why I created Bel Air.“


Jiu-Jitsu head coach


Jiu-Jitsu youth coach
Adam is an independent contractor and a youth leader. Growing up in Chicago he took on boxing at his local YMCA in Logan square. As his love for the sport grew he developed a passion for combat sports and started his path into MMA. In addition Adam received his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt from Supreme Jiu-Jitsu. He’s excited to share his experience with everyone.


Jiiu-Jitsu coach


Yoga teacher


Muay thai and Jiu-Jitsu coach
Eduardo Roman is an educator at Schurz high school for students with special needs since 2008. Passionate about bringing the best out of his students, expect him to be patient,give attention to detail and have a big heart. Eduardo also coaches varsity volleyball and basketball, competes and teaches Muay Thai boxing, and is a mentor at Erie Neighborhood House.


Boxing Fit coach
John is a personal trainer and current Master of Social Work student. In 2012, he received his bachelor’s degree in biology at Loyola University New Orleans and received the department’s top honor for research. Shortly after, he moved to Chicago where he transitioned from working in a lab to personal and group fitness. Through his work as a boxing coach, he was able to help start a non-profit that created health and fitness programs for people with Parkinson’s disease. His time as a trainer has cultivated a deep appreciation for listening and supporting people past their setbacks and into their strongest selves.


Jiu-Jitsu youth coach


Muay thai coach


Jiu-Jitsu youth coach
Zack began his leadership path when he entered the Marines in 2009. After graduating college, he worked as a Behavioral Specialist then moved to Japan to gain cultural awareness and communication skills as an ESL Teacher and Cultural Ambassador. Currently, he is working for CPS as a Paraprofessional at Alcott teaching diverse learners while earning his PEL license at DePaul. He’s an experienced blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu but has also trained Karate, Danzan and Marine Corps Martial Arts. “Being the second oldest of seven kids, I grew up helping my younger siblings. I think being able to help kids grow and transcend is truly rewarding, it has led me to pursue a career in education.“