• Is my child ready to join?
  • Is my child old enough?
  • Can I stay and watch the class?
  • How long is the class?
  • What does my child need to wear?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
Is my child ready to join?

Students must have the cognitive and physical ability to participate by being able to remain calm and regulated enough to follow simple one-two step commands. For example, students should be able to remain on the mat on their own and play the game Simon says. During the first class your child will be given some time to get familiar with the gym if necessary. As class progresses your child should already be able to actively interact with our instructor. An informal assessment will be conducted by the instructor during the first class.

After the first class, we will share with you our observations and let you know if your child is ready to start training at Bel Air.

See our class schedule at Lincoln Park here

Is my child old enough?

Most students are between 6 and 12 years-old. Contact us for more information for teenagers and young adults.

Can I stay and watch the class?

Of course, you are more than welcome to observe. We will simply ask you to not react or call out your child. The mat should be perceived as a safe space for him/her to act naturally without fear of being criticized or seeking your attention. This environment helps us to evaluate more effectively the child’s progress. There might be a time where we will ask you to sit a little further but we will definitively come to you if needed. On the other hand, please do not hesitate to share any tips, observations, comments or feedback outside of the class with us.

How long is the class?

Class is 50min. Please come a little bit early for you child to get ready.

What does my child need to wear?

Your child simply needs to wear gym pants and a t-shirt that are not too loose. That’s it 🙂 We train with very little equipment which is ideal to limit distraction. After 4 classes, we recommend purchasing a gi, the standard Jiu-Jitsu uniform composed of a heavy cotton jacket and reinforced trousers. The main reasons to wear a gi are hygiene, team spirit and also functional: many techniques rely on the gi and it also slows down movements which facilitates learning.

How much does it cost?

Each session costs between $35 and $70 depending on the student needs and program.  The cost decreases as student gets closer to the goal of joining the regular kids program.

We provide high-quality personalized training:
  • Small group classes are typically 4 students at most
  • 1:2 coach-student ratio rather than ~1:15 in regular classes
  • Experienced martial art instructors
  • Head instructors are trained to work with children with developmental differences
  • Classes are hosted at recognized Jiu-Jitsu academies which have kids programs to transition into
  • Pay as you go. No long term enrollment needed
  • We do not charge for belt promotion

We are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

What is your cancellation policy?

For us to prepare for an effective class with the right number of coaches and to prevent having students without training partners, please notify us in advance if your child will not be able to attend. If you cannot make a class, please notify us as soon as possible. We require class cancellation notifications prior to 7pm the day before the scheduled class. Cancellation notifications received after 7pm will be charged a full-priced class. Please contact us directly to notify and reschedule a class.



If you have any questions, fill the form below. You can also text or leave us a voicemail at (872) 216-4535.