BelPlanets App


BelPlanets is a mobile app that helps Bel Air coaches and parents collaborate in making class run smoother and fast track student’s progress. This is possible by sharing children’s key information, monitoring their progress and making continuous improvements. Please keep in mind that we always encourage parents to directly reach us out regarding any comments, concerns or feedback.

Why should parent use BelPlanets?

  1. Align their children’s goals with coaches
  2. Exchange feedback outside of class (since there is not always time to follow-up right after class)
  3. Spotlight their children’s effort and progress, and potentially use it for their children’s incentive program
  4. Help coaches easily access student’s key information and recent observations

Key Benefits

Knowledge is power

Coaches are given key information to set your children up for success

Data is gold

Keeping track of student’s progress helps us make adjustments and monitor their impacts

Collaboration is key

Facilitate ongoing exchange of feedback between parents and coaches


Student’s Profile

Give coaches access to their student’s profile. These include student’s interests, strengths, behavioral challenges, teaching recommendations, goals and vision.

Share child’s profile
Access student’s profile
Class Report

Capture at the end of each class how the class went including the amount of support required, class score (ie: number of stars), a personal objective checklist, observations (ie: things that went well/need to be improved/to keep in mind for next class).
Coaches review these class reports before class while parents can use them to support any incentive program they have with their children.

Access class reports
Create and review class reports
Personal Objective Plan

Leverage class reports to identify recurrent challenges and translate them into specific objectives. These objectives are then assessed for each class while successful teaching tips are captured.

Create personal objectives
Track personal objectives
Teaching Tips

Build a library of successful teaching tips for specific objectives that are shared among students with similar challenges/objectives.

Share successful teaching tips
Capture successful teaching tips
Belt Rank Tracking

Provide parents a clear understanding on how Jiu-Jitsu promotion works and what their children need to work on to receive their next promotion.

Monitor Jiu-Jitsu progress
Track Jiu-Jitsu promotions