Get your kids moving this summer! Have fun, stay fit, gain confidence and meet new friends virtually! Lockdown has been tough for everyone and kids are itching to play! Exercise boosts mood, improves the immune system, and provides a perfect outlet for their extra energy.

Two Sessions:

July Session

  • 1 Hour Class, Tuesdays 10am July 14th-28th
  • Optional Orientation Class (40 min): Monday, July 13th at 10am

August Session

  • 1 Hour Class, Tuesdays 10am August 4th-18th
  • Optional Orientation Class (40 min): Monday, August 3rd at 10am

Cost – $55 per Session

Since beginning virtual classes at the start of April, Bel Air Coaches have discovered what works best to maximize both fun and learning. Kids have been loving the classes because of the ability to stay active and to interact and play with their peers.


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During our Summer Camp Session, students will learn the basics of Jiu Jitsu while performing strength training and mobility exercises. Through games and imaginative play, students will have fun while developing these physical skills. Designed for students who need a bit of extra support, students will be kept engaged through praise and smooth transitions, and the pace of the class will be easy to follow while challenging them to grow and learn through play.

What is Jiu Jitsu? – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ) is a martial art that primarily deals with taking a fight down to the ground and grappling. Known as the “Gentle Art,” our virtual jiu jitsu classes focus on basic solo drills that help kids build confidence, learn to improve their focus, and gain self-awareness. Our classes are structured to begin with a warm-up, transition into a physical game/challenge, move to the teaching of a basic Jiu Jitsu technique, and conclude with a group game and cool down.

Who – Children Ages 6-12 that need a bit of extra support

Students must have the cognitive and physical ability to participate by being able to remain calm and regulated enough to follow simple one-two step commands. For example, students should be able to play the game Simon says.

We work to bring your child’s wandering focus back to attention through positive reinforcement and prompting. It is also okay if your child needs to take a small break during class and watch before joining back in again.

What You Need

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Device that can access Zoom
  • Some Open Floor space with either carpeting or a mat
  • Water
  • A Pillow (to train solo drills)

Kids can wear regular workout clothing, shoes optional. If your child is barefoot, please make sure that they are not wearing socks so they do not slip. If your child dresses up in a costume on one of the designated days, please make sure that it is a costume that they can safely move in.


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