While our regular classes are geared toward self-defense and recreational sport Jiu-jitsu, this program equips students with the tools to compete and cope with stressful situations. Sparring in class and competing are very different because of the intensity, effort, and ability to perform under pressure at tournaments. Our competition program includes more advanced jiu-jitsu techniques and drills for competition scenarios.

This program is reserved for approved students who will be pushed (physically and mentally) at a higher level than our regular classes. Parents can observe the class but students have to manage their emotions on their own or with the help of our coaches when being pushed to their limits. We invite our parents to continually share any feedback with our coaches outside of our classes and praise their kids for pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.


  • This program is currently available for students aged 8 and up
  • This program is reserved for approved students (based on behavior, work ethic, and Jiu-Jitsu skills)
  • Students do not have to commit to competing but should be open to it
  • Students must train in Jiu-Jitsu consistently at least twice a week. Competition class can be part of these 2 classes.

The competition class is on Thursdays at 5:20 PM (50-minute). We alternate between Gi and No-Gi (rashguard and shorts) Jiu-Jitsu weekly.


Our competition class is led by Prof. Chao (Gi Jiu-Jitsu) and Prof. Jerry (No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu).
Prof. Antonio is also coaching these classes.

Student needs to upgrade their membership to join our comp classes. 2 options:

  • $+50/month to add the competition class to your current child’s weekly training
  • $+20/month to swap one of the regular Jiu-Jitsu classes with this competition class (reason: lower coach-to-students ratio with 2 lead coaches)

Note: It doesn’t include competition cost (~$90 for registration) and spectator pass (~$15)