Due to COVID-19, group classes have been put on hold. Contact us for more information about privates, online and outdoor classes.

Class Description Duration  Approximate # of Students Student to Coach Ratio
Advanced Class for students with some support needs and close to transitioning to partner Academy 55 min 8 4:1
Intermediate class for students with moderate support needs 50 min 6 3:1
Fundamentals Small group class for students with high support needs 45 min 4 2:1
Parent Only Educational class on how to train Jiu-Jitsu at home with your child 60 min
Parent Child Parent and child train Jiu-Jitsu together 50 min

Class Structure

Warm up

Each session begins with a warm up where kids loosen up and mentally prepare for the session.

Learning Jiu Jitsu Techniques

During each session, one or two techniques are taught working with a training partner (another kid or coach). During this time kids help each other practice a technique while becoming better aware of their own strength and movement.

Live Rolling (sparring)

During sparring, two students compete for a dominant position. With safety rules and no striking involved, injury is very unlikely. The process of live rolling teaches kids to push themselves physically and mentally while controlling their emotions.

Game Time

Sessions conclude with play time which is everyone’s favorite part of class. This gives kids incentive to perform well during class because they’ll be given more time to play with teammates afterwards.