The art of coding

Computer programming or “coding” is the art of writing step-by-step instructions, or a program, that a computer follows to complete a task. Knowledge of coding helps a child understand the technology that surrounds us.

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Benefits of learning to code

By learning computer programming, a child develops skills such as problem solving, collaboration and organization. By taking advantage of a child’s passion for electronics, we introduce them to computer programming through fun and stimulating activities. Once they get the hang of it, they realize their potential and the infinite possibilities that are only limited by their imagination.

Developing problem-solving skills

Learning to write lines of code is not the main objective of our classes. Problem solving is the ultimate goal. This is achieved by engaging students in activities that develop their ability to think, plan and analyze.

We give children time to think and express their thoughts–and then develop solutions they can build, test and refine. This is actually best achieved by stepping away from electronics from time to time. There is a certain urgency to electronics that causes us to rush ahead–pressing, tapping and clicking without stopping to think. By putting the screen away, kids have time to concentrate and focus. They learn to understand a problem, search for answers and then communicate with others.