We partner with schools, therapy clinics, and other organizations that help neurodivergent kids.


Our school has greatly enjoyed having Bel Air Martial Arts as a part of our Movement program this past year. Even with our population of diverse learners in grades K-12, the Bel Air team kept our students engaged and interested. Many had not experienced any martial arts programming prior to these classes and showed great interest in learning these new skills with a visible increase in confidence. The instructors certainly went above and beyond to connect with each student and ensure they were enjoying their program. As a school director, I’d highly recommend including Bel Air into your programing!

“Bel Air did a specialized summer camp program for our Quantum LEEP Academy Summer Trooper and Junior Trooper camps. We primarily serve a euro diverse population and Alex and his team did an incredible job working with our troopers! He was able to scale the classes, use visual tools, and listen to our team to help individualized the program to make it accessible for all our students! Our teachers and therapeutic staff were very impressed with his desire to work hand in hand to ensure our students were enjoying their time and learning! We look forward to more partnerships in the future!“

“The Tuesday’s Child summer campers LOVED Bel Air Jiu-Jitsu. Tuesday’s Child serves children working on behavior management and Alex’s patience and understanding really brought out the best in each child while they learned martial arts. In fact, several of the summer campers enjoyed the program so much that they chose to continue taking classes at Bel Air after summer camp ended.“

Alex and his staff at Bel Air have done an excellent job of working with the students at Lawrence Hall.
The pacing of the instruction and the structure of the program have provided our students with a well-
rounded experience. Working with a special needs student population, additional supports are necessary
to ensure student success. We have found this to be consistently implemented with the staff at Bel Air.
They have demonstrated patience, understanding and individualized instruction to meet the needs of our
different age and ability levels. Teachers have commented that student participation is excellent, and the
students look forward to the weekly classes. We are very happy to have partnered with this outstanding
team and look forwarded to watching our students continue to grow under their guidance.


Amy Zier & Associates

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is rolling and ground fighting (wrestling like) which is great for sensory kids – providing both proprioceptive and vestibular feedback. It still requires technique, patience, and skill but can be more interactive for sensory kiddos.
Some kids have been able to move from modified classes to mainstream group classes as well. It’s been awesome to see our kids improve in agility, confidence, body awareness, and become happier!“

“After meeting Alex, and learning about what Bel Air has to offer, I knew it was a special place. Giving children an opportunity to learn something like Jiu-Jitsu is a unique way of allowing them to engage in something that teaches the importance of perseverance, all while giving them a sense of belonging. Bel Air has created a safe place for children to grow and work on skills beyond just that of the sport.“

“I have collaborated with Alex for years and cannot recommend Alex and Bel Air Jiu Jitsu enough. Not only are Alex and his team skilled and run engaging and interactive classes, but they are incredibly patient and understanding of all the kids, their abilities, and are able to meet each kiddo at their own level. The Bel Air team really makes an effort to get to know each child, their needs, and their goals to support them. They also use a variety of mediums to teach during the classes and provide support and options. My clients are able to progress and enjoy the Bel Air classes much more than other classes they have tried, and all the parents have shared the same amazing feedback as well.“

“My staff and I have had the pleasure of sending a group of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder on several occasions to Bel Air Learning Center. We took videos of their sessions to send to their parents. The families were so impressed that they signed up for private sessions and the children had a blast!“

Other Organizations

Chicago Autism Network
“I love the work that Alex and his team are doing. This is such a great program for kids of varying abilities. Definitely recommend!“

“Bel Air Learning Center is an amazing place and a big reason why is the owner, Alex! It is evident that Alex is committed to providing his students with a safe and trusting environment in which they can be successful.“

Keen Chicago

“Alex and the teachers at Bel Air Learning center are great. They facilitated two events for our athletes. Alex thought of everything to make them feel comfortable from sending a video of the space to our athletes prior to the class so they would feel comfortable to creating a visual schedule of the class so the kids could follow along. Our athletes had a blast at these events, and we are grateful for our collaboration with Bel Air!“

Chicago Autism Connection

“ I encourage you to try this program or share the information with other families that could benefit from this great therapeutic resource! This resource is most important to me because it represents inclusion“

“I admit I was somewhat hesitant about trying jiu jitsu with our population but I see I was completely wrong about my perception of how it would be. Our children have a great time at Bel Air!“