This program has been developed in close collaboration with parents.


“Using the martial arts as tools, kids are being taught discipline, respect, dedication and love. The instructors are great. They never give up. They teach patience, dedication and endurance by living them. I am very fortunate to have known Alex Truong who have been training my son beyond his call of duty.“


“I recommend Bel Air Learning Center – Jiu-Jitsu for so many reasons! Alex Truong is a great instructor and I admire his patience and ability to teach special needs children. My son has learned so much since he joined. Jiu-Jitsu classes have helped him during his Physical Therapy sessions. He’s now able to accomplish more tasks and keep his stamina up. Also, a big thank you to Eduardo for always keeping him moving and helping him finish what he started.“


“My son has been practicing jiu jitsu for a couple of months now and I am truly impressed of his progress. For those parents with special needs kids I would truly recommend this place it is beyond awesome and the staff and their dedication it’s impressive.“


“If your child has special needs, and you are interested in finding an extracurricular activity that will be beneficial AND be able to accommodate his/her needs, look no further. I feel so fortunate that a place like Bel-Air Learning Center exists. My older son has been taking classes there for the past few months, and he is engaged, happy, and learning at a pace that works for him. Alex, the owner and lead instructor, really takes the time to get to know your child. He is a nurturing, flexible yet firm instructor. I highly recommend Bel Air Learning Center, and feel that Alex and his staff are dedicated and well trained.“


“We’re very pleased with all that Bel Air Learning Center has provided for our son. He has been practicing jiu-jitsu there for over a year. Alex and his team are amazing and very dedicated. Alex takes the time to learn about the needs of each child so that he’s better able to work with them. He’s very calm and firm at the same time which is wonderful for keeping our guy engaged. We’ve definitely seen an increase in self-confidence and focus since we started at Bel Air Learning Center.“


“We’re really happily surprised at how well our 5 year old with attention and sensory challenges is responding to this program. Coach Alex and his team are patient, thoughtful and engaged with the kids they work with. The communication with parents is great and it really feels like they are invested in these kids. Our son is learning team work, perseverance, patience and confidence in a way we haven’t seen before. Highly recommend Bel-Air“


“One of the best things that could have happened to my 5 year old. He loves jiujitsu. And Alex is brilliant and exceptionally patient with him. Go BJJ!!!!!“


“We could not be happier with the environment and instruction that our children receive. Alex and Eduardo provide individual attention to each student in a small classes allowing for both behavioral and specific skill development. The environment is kind and nurturing while also holding each student accountable for their actions. Each instructor is competently able to manage each child and their behavior without needing parental assistance. Their caring attitude is supported with specific expectations that are reviewed with each student throughout the progress of class with both verbal and visual cues. We have seen the growth in not only our children, but other students as well. We cannot say enough good things about their program, instruction and professors.“


“The Bel Air Program has been really fantastic. My son has been doing a weekly class for about 2 months and is really enjoying it. Alex and the other instructors are extremely patient and caring. They really tailor the instruction and the program with the utmost attention to the unique personalities and needs of the students. Highly recommended.“


“We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Bel Air Jiu-Jitsu. My 9 year old has always had a very difficult time participating in group classes and sports. Alex and his coaches do a wonderful job of offering structure, high expectations and the support needed to meet them. My 12 year old daughter also took classes at Bel Air and fell in love with the sport. I am so thankful for how her interest has been nurtured and the opportunities Alex has introduced us to beyond the walls of Bel Air. I would give a hundred stars if I could.“


“Belair has been such a positive impact to my son. To find a facility that caters and is patient for kids that have different ways of learning has made us feel inclusive to the sports community.“


“Our Autistic 12 year old son started jiu jitsu at Bel Air in 2019. Alex and all of the other instructors were phenomenal with him, with their kind, quiet, thoughtful and measured approach to teaching. Though our son said he wasn’t “into it“ at first, we encouraged him to keep at it. Over time, with the incredible support of Alex and the whole Bel Air team, he gradually became more engaged, able to spar (with enthusiasm!), earning his first belt within about 3-4 months. We can’t say enough about Bel Air, especially for kids with learning differences, ADHD, Autism, etc. – they are simply amazing!“


“Another year has passed and I am looking back to all the blessings and good things that happened in 2018. One of them is having Bel Air Learning Center. Alex came up with mentorship program for kids like mine. It allows students who have been training with Alex to assist by having one on one session with kids new to the program. It builds confidence, responsibility, empathy and social skills“


“My boys were fortunate enough to start their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey with Alex Truong as one of their instructors. They quickly responded to Alex. They continue to love and be passionate about the art, because of such a positive start to their BJJ journey.

His teachings go beyond the mat. Kids can apply what they learned outside of the gym; both physically and mentally. He provides a safe environment, knowledge, and fun experience for kids. His genuine approach to teaching shines through his classes. He will mold your child into a talented martial artist and an outstanding person in the real world.“


We partner with schools, therapy centers and other organizations that help children with special needs.

Amy Zier & Associates

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is rolling and ground fighting (wrestling like) which is great for sensory kids – providing both proprioceptive and vestibular feedback. It still requires technique, patience, and skill but can be more interactive for sensory kiddos.
Some kids have been able to move from modified classes to mainstream group classes as well. It’s been awesome to see our kids improve in agility, confidence, body awareness, and become happier!“

Erin Anderson & Associates

“After meeting Alex, and learning about what Bel Air has to offer, I knew it was a special place. Giving children an opportunity to learn something like Jiu-Jitsu is a unique way of allowing them to engage in something that teaches the importance of perseverance, all while giving them a sense of belonging. Bel Air has created a safe place for children to grow and work on skills beyond just that of the sport.“


“The Tuesday’s Child summer campers LOVED Bel Air Jiu-Jitsu. Tuesday’s Child serves children working on behavior management and Alex’s patience and understanding really brought out the best in each child while they learned martial arts. In fact, several of the summer campers enjoyed the program so much that they chose to continue taking classes at Bel Air after summer camp ended.“


“Bel Air did a specialized summer camp program for our Quantum LEEP Academy Summer Trooper and Junior Trooper camps. We primarily serve a euro diverse population and Alex and his team did an incredible job working with our troopers! He was able to scale the classes, use visual tools, and listen to our team to help individualized the program to make it accessible for all our students! Our teachers and therapeutic staff were very impressed with his desire to work hand in hand to ensure our students were enjoying their time and learning! We look forward to more partnerships in the future!“


“Bel Air Learning Center is an amazing place and a big reason why is the owner, Alex! […] It is evident that Alex is committed to providing his students with a safe and trusting environment in which they can be successful.“


“Alex and the teachers at Bel Air Learning center are great. They facilitated two events for our athletes. Alex thought of everything to make them feel comfortable from sending a video of the space to our athletes prior to the class so they would feel comfortable to creating a visual schedule of the class so the kids could follow along. Our athletes had a blast at these events, and we are grateful for our collaboration with Bel Air!“

Chicago Autism Network


“I love the work that Alex and his team are doing. This is such a great program for kids of varying abilities. Definitely recommend!“


“ I encourage you to try this program or share the information with other families that could benefit from this great therapeutic resource! This resource is most important to me because it represents inclusion“


“My staff and I have had the pleasure of sending a group of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder on several occasions to Bel Air Learning Center. We took videos of their sessions to send to their parents. The families were so impressed that they signed up for private sessions and the children had a blast!“


“I admit I was somewhat hesitant about trying jiu jitsu with our population but I see I was completely wrong about my perception of how it would be. Our children have a great time at Bel Air!“