SmoothClass App

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Online classes have been a good alternative for some students to stay active and connected with each other. However, for other students who need additional support, these classes have stripped away many tools and strategies for coaches to connect and engage their students. That’s why we built the SmoothClass app, a digital version of our physical class board.

At Bel Air, we use a visual schedule board composed of cards that shows students each activity that will be covered during class. It is helpful for breaking down the class into small tasks, providing full visibility on what’s next which decrease anxiety and rigidity during transitions.


As a parent, it doesn’t matter if you train Jiu-Jitsu or not, it’s not easy to regularly come up with a workout for your child. SmoothClass is a Jiu-Jitsu and fitness class builder that contains hundreds of animal drills, fitness exercises, yoga poses, Jiu-Jitsu solo drills and techniques. Students can access the library of cards, view visual schedules of online classes, run these classes on their own pace, build their own classes and monitor their progress.


Learn and train Jiu-Jitsu with your children. Spotlight their skills. Choose the classes and cards their prefer. Have fun, bond with your children while sharpening their Jiu-Jitsu skills.


Have children complete the class activities in the order they want, skip the ones they prefer not to do and build their own class. They are more engaged when they chose the activities to do.


Know ahead what’s next in a class, the estimated time and repetitions expected, and what’s left.


Access visuals and videos of each activities rather than a lengthy video of an entire workout. Completing small tasks one by one gives students a better sense of accomplishment.


Receive praises from coaches when completing classes. Mark favorite activities for coaches to know for regular classes. Share feedback with coaches at the end of each class completed for us to build the right classes.


Collect points for each activity completed. Points are calculated based on the difficulty and expected duration. See the points collected per class, day and week. These points can be perfect to be used for any parent reward systems.

“I remember when I was little doing sit ups in our living room with my feet tucked under the coffee table. My dad taught me and kept it fun. It’s a great memory.” – Alex


If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback regarding the app and its content, do not hesitate to send it directly on the app: