Afternoon Summer Camp

Would your kids like to attend our afternoon summer camp to boost their Jiu-Jitsu skills and confidence? Please fill out this survey prior to May 8th
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How is it different from the regular classes?
  • Sessions are 2-hour long
  • More in-depth explanation of techniques
  • Higher pace technique drilling
  • Video study
  • More sparring time
  • Additional antibully self-defense practice
Member discount (if you are doing both regular classes and summer camp)
  • 25% discount on summer camp if booked before May 15th
  • 15% if booked before June
  • 10% if booked after June

Who is teaching?
Coach Alex will be running the classes

Who is invited to participate?
Students in the traditional program. Parents of Panda students are invited to discuss with us to evaluate if this program (deeper explanation and faster pace) fits them.