Muay Thai + Jiu Jitsu Coach

Alex has been teaching martial arts since 2012. “When I was a child, I could not focus or remember lessons in school. I would stare into space and be very forgetful. Things got better during elementary school. It was then that my parents engaged me in physical and artistic activities. I have always been passionate about helping youth and knew early on that leading children to success was something very natural and fulfilling. When children have fun and are engaged, results do come. It’s a thrill to see a child’s smile, a parent’s sigh of relief or even tears of happiness—it reminds me of why I created Bel Air.“


Jiu Jitsu Head Coach

Antonio has been a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner for over 12 years with dozens of competitions under his belt. He also has over 8 years of experience teaching both adults and kids in both self-defense and competition Jiu-jitsu. Antonio’s love of teaching primarily stems from having the opportunity to share his passion with many people from all walks of life. Witnessing others benefit, grow and enjoy training as much as he has since he began his own journey is always a reminder of the positive impact of Jiu-jitsu.